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one of the biggest initiatives on the ballot istoo. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. let's get to the results and you can watch them. victory for president obama and mitt romney and they are winning in every state and national race. >> the race drawing most attention here is prop 29, the initiative that would tack on a it is 1 tax per pack of cigarettes for cancer research. at this moment as you can see
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with roughly one-quarter of the precincts reporting it is yes, 50% tie, 50%0% no. >> abc7 political reporter mark matthews is at the prop 29 -- yes on prop 29 gathering in lafayette. >> the size of the crowd has shrinking, but don't let that fool you. the attention to the proposition has been nationwide. big tobacco ponied up $47 million to quash this measure that would add $1 per pack, the voter support began falling after tobacco financed ads and started hitting radio and television. tonight the early returns showed the state evenly divided at 9:00 with 8% of the pray sinks -- precincts reporting. the measure was winning 50 tw to 48% -- 52 to 48%, but it was 54 to 49 and by 10:00 it was close to 50/50. the former state legislator is the co chair on the yes on 8 campaign. >> i expected that it would be
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a toss up. i don't believe we are going to know until every ballot is counted. first of all it is a low turnout. h.condly we are sort of david >> tobacco taxes have been proven to reduce smoking. opponents say prop 29 would hurt the economy by taking $735 million a year out of pockets of california smokers. >> i am hoping that it is a no. this is one of those things that you don't want to see passed. we have too many in california, and we have so many other pressing problems diverting money to something like this is wrong when it is needed elsewhere in the state. >> right now it is 50/50, but it doesn't bowed well for prop 29 -- bode well for prop 29's passage. the big metropolitan areas in the bay area have gone yes on
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29. they are already reporting a large percentage of their votes. it is the more rural areas of the state where 29 have done badly that have yet to report the majority of their votes. reporting from lafayette, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> thank you. the ballot is prop 28 whichon alters term limits from members of the state legislature. >> it has passed. it reduces the total number of years for legislators from 14 to 12, but allows spawmakers to spend all of them in the senate or the assembly. >> and here is a look at some of the measures voters in the bay area are deciding right now. san francisco measure a will open the city's garbage contract to competitive bidding and losia wide by a wide margin. >> and coit tower is getting support. measure b is leading. it would prioritize funds raised at coit tower to preserve the fragile frees scows there. >> and voters overwhelmingly
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voting for ut cking -- for cutting pensions. >> abc7 news reporter quintana is live at city hall. >> this is pitt that pitted the mayor and a majority of the city council here in san jose against city unions, a coalition of city unions. the voters had to decide how much they would allow the city leaders to modify employee pensions. the san jose mayor pushed to put it on the ballot and had voters aside after extended negotiations that didn't go as he had hoped. measure b would modify the city charter and create two pension options for employees. they can keep the current benefits or employees can pay the same now for reduced benefits and more years of service. mayor reid says the current set up is unsustainable. >> this is more than 50% of payroll for the retirement benefits. it is a huge number.
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it is impossible to sustain. >> we offered significant changes to the retirement that would have saved the city millions of dollars. those would have been legal and we could have moved forward. >> the coalition of unions against measure b spent the day calling voters and talk vots around the city and urging opposition. but if measure b does pass, which it seems it might if the trend continues so far from the returns we have seen, that is the 2 to 3 margin for those supporting measure b, unions have said they are going to challenge the results in court. no matter how tonight ends up even after all of the votes have been counted, there is a pretty good chance this measure will not be over. reporting live in san, sergio keen -- quintana, abc news. we have 30 special taxes and bonds in the bay area on the ballot to support schools, libraries, special districts and more than two-thirds are
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currently passing. c one of those is measure in santa clara county. it only needs 55% and it looks like it will get that and more. >> in the east bay though, measure c, a parcel tax in alameda is failing. it has barely over 50% at this point, but needs a two-thirds majority to pass. >> right now one of the closest races may be in alameda county's 15th congressional district. that's where the 80-year-old incul bent is facing the county prosecutor eric swalwell. while stark is winning it is likely those two will compete in november. >> in the 9th con greeningsal -- congressional district mcnerny is trying to febd off two g -- fend off two gop challengers there. >> in a contest wisconsin's republican governor won a bitterly contested recall election. >> scott walker defeated a challenge by tom barrett by a 54-45% margin.
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walker's recall followed his efforts to bust wisconsin's state labor unions. >> walker's campaign received $63 million from out of state super pack money allowing him to out spends barrett. he is the first to survive a recall. we will continue to bring you results tonight as well as tomorrow on abc7 morning news and on stay here with us. >> checking other news, a strange twist to last night's police standoff in oakland unfolded tonight. it happened in the same place where a suspect barricaded himself in a home overnight. abc7 news reporter alan wang just spoke with police and he is live at police headquarters with an update for us. alan? >> carolyn, police say they have been working this case around the clock. this all started yesterday when police pulled over a car with three suspects inside. one of of them was arrested and one barricaded himself in the house and the other one got away. well, tonight police say the man who escaped came back to
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the home where the standoff took place and knocked on the door around a 8:30. when police were called out they found the man identified as 47 as jimmy gregory. he was just a few blocks away near the home depot off interstate 880. >> he has a gunshot wound to his left calf. we will look more to where he got the wound from. demeanor?t ? >> he was calm and asked for help. >> so a new twist to tonight -- to yesterday's standoff. a third suspect who eluded police has been found. let me just go ahead and mention that it was quite a scene out there yesterday in the 500 block of high street. that's where one of the three men trying to escape police ran into a home and held three people hostage. police negotiators persuaded him to released the hostages, and he gave up early this morning. a new twist to yesterday's standoff. a third success stect who had
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-- suspect who had eluded police was found with a bullet hole in his leg, and police are now questioning him to find out what really happened. reporting live from oakland police headquarters, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. a man wanted for attempted murder was wounded in castro valley by alameda county sheriff deputies. the suspect tried to escape by jumping into a car. he was shot when he refused to stop. the wounded man then ran from the car and hid under the deck of a nearby home where he was swarmed by police dogs. we spoke to a resident who was there when it down. >> it came out this backdoor right here and came out. i saw the guy coming through here and broke the door right down here and that's where he was. he was pretty much under me the whole time when i saw him. it freaked me out now that i think about it. >> the suspect is in the hospital with gunshot wounds and dog bites. he was wanted for attempted murder firing a shot through the front door of the home
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last month hitting a woman in the arm. coming up next, a noisy night in richmond. one man escorted out of the council meeting during a rally against hate speech. >> also, how a suspected it robber was just charged with murder for a fellow suspect's death. >> and all eyes are on the sky for a celestial phenomenon we will not see again in our lifetimes. >> and then later on >> i'm"nightline." >> i'm terry moran of the carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nigh t troubling revelations about the vaccines given to millions of american children. a "nightline" investigation on that. plus we get to know the shrinks to the stars. we tryout the hottestollywood. in hollywood. that's on "nightline." >> first, the results of a trio of san mateo tax measures. measure t, rental car tax, this poit. measure u, the hotel tax there is losing at this moment, 54% to 46%. and measure x, these are the so-called tux taxes in san
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gay rights supporters came out in force after being stunned by anti-gay comments at a council meeting last month. abc7 news reporter john alston is live in richmond to explain exactly what happened there. john? >> dan, virtually all of the speakers voice support for lgbt teens. the meeting was calm until they heard from the man that caused the commotion two weeks ago. this is less than a -- it took less than a minute for police to move in and shutdown mark wassburg after his anti-gay comments. >> i have a right to speak. if everybody turns gay it is either -- it is the end of the world because nobody can carry the baby. >> supporters of the lgbt community filled the chambers because of what happened two weeks ago. the city presented a proclamation to the lgbt teens calling june gay pride month.
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wassburg laughed talking about a young gay man who committed suicide. >> i think it is funny. >> tonight his comments were overwhelmingly challenged. jay how could you curse somebody or damn somebody when there is so much hate in your heart yourself. >> he said he had no problems with gays or liz -- lesbians and quoted the bible. >> once again i want to make a statement, the bible says it is an uh bomb nation. >> the lgbt supporters go the what they president whatted. each member of the city council signed a pledge to speak out against hate and intolerance. and now a study session is scheduled in three weeks. the city council will hear from experts on lgbt lgbt issues and the public is invited. in richmond, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. the fate of same-sex marriage in california is all but certain to be decided by the u.s. supreme court. the san francisco-based 9th circuit court of appeals refused to reconsider
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a ruling declaring prop eight unconstitutional. proposition eight is the voter approved referendumsame-sex makg making same-sex marriage illegal in california. now, despite today's ruling, the ban is in affect for 90 days to give prop 8 supporters a chance to file papers with the supreme court. the 19-year-old hayward man accused of taking part in a deadly rob bray attempt at a jewelry store jewelry store is charged with bt actually kill anyone. he was shot and killed by the store's owner last wednesday. police say it was in self-defense after they tried to rob golden treasures in san ramon at gun point. late this evening the contra costa's attorney's office charged him with murder in the death of his alleged accomplice.labc7 news legal anas the defendant is being charged under what is called the provocative act doctrine. >> if anybody dies in the course of the commission of that crime, even your accomplice you can under the
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appropriate circumstances be under to guilty of murder, even first degree murder. >> he is scheduled to be arraigned to hear the charges formally next week. people around the world today watched something that won't happen again for 105 years. it was the transit of venus. the planet looked something like a beauty mark as it slowly made its way across the face of the sun on a six-hour journey. in oakland people lined u around the around the space and science center for a chance to glimpse this rare event. >> it was spectacular. let's turn our attention to the forecast now. >> sandhya patel is here with that of the. >> the viewing conditions were ideal in the bay area. i want to show you beautiful photos submitted to you report. this one is the transit of venus through tel tele scoab and -- telescope and a digital camera was used. a lovely shot there. check this one out. this is through binoculars sent to us by an anonymous viewer. it is projecting an image on a
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piece of paper, and you can see it clearly there. this is from oakland submitted by john and also a projection on to paper. it is a pretty cool view. thank you for sharing them all with us. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. we have our own radar o radar o. everything is calm. we have clear skies outside, and here are your temperatures. egreese way to 60 degrees in antioch. and here are the highlights. before we get to the highlights i want to show you the wind is still gusty along the coastline. 25 to 30 miles an hour. but the winds will drop off. we are expecting clear and cool conditions tonight. sunny and warmer tomorrow, and then breezy weather will develop as we head into your friday. so here is a look at the satellite and the radar. this is the area of high pressure that is taking control of our weather. we are going with a sunny and warmer wednesday for you. tomorrow out rt out chilly. you will see some cool pockets. you will want to get a sweater
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or jacket before you head out the door. 43 in napa tomorrow morning and 45 in cloverdale. 49 in san rafael and richmond. 48 in vallejo and livermore. low 50s around concord and oakland and san mateo. a cool 46-degree start in santa cruz and 47 in morgan hill. check out the high temperatures. they are really bouncing up quickly. upper 70s for santa rosa and napa. today areas like antioch and the low 70s tomorrow are getting up to 80grees, degrees,8 for concord. oakland, fremont, palo alto, san jose, all in the low 70s. 62 half moon bay and 65 in san francisco. it is going to be a bright, sunny day. near 80 degrees for gilroy. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a warmer forecast for your wednesday. low 60s to low 80s. a few extra ca of low clouds on thursday morning. thursday afternoon is cooler at the coast, but not so around the bay. cooling everywhere on friday as a breeze kicks up, but the
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temperatures will come back up in time for the weekend plans. low 60s to low 80s on saturday and sunday in the mid80s range. by monday and tuesday, almost near 90 degrees. of course, carolyn and dan, mike will be in here bright and early at 4:30 with all of yo are weather updates. >> -- with all of your weather updates. >> coming up, an important breakthrough in health news. >> a possible life saving test for possible breast
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on this election day we are following a clos. we are looking at prop 29, still very, very close. it is at 50% each yes and no. 31% of the precincts reporting. now if prop 29 is approved, the initiative would slap an additional dollar per pack tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products to fund cancer research. at thi to call. too close to call. tonight anund study found a simple blood test can re recurrence of breast cancer. it can find cells that have broken free from a tumor in the breast. women with nonmeta static breast cancer with the cancer cells in their blood were five times more likely to relapse or die from breast cancer. the study is in the lancet lanct
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oncology. on to sports and the giants are down south larry beis >> larry beil is here. >> you figure tim lincecum on the mound against the team with the worst record in baseball? the san diego padres. that should be an automatic w, right? well -- sports is next. ♪ [ typing ] ♪ ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] ♪ gets her every time. [ male announcer ] it's hard to resist the craveable nature of the salty peanuts, dark chocolate, and smooth peanut butter in nature valley sweet & salty nut bars. irresistible. by nature valley.
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tim lincecum had one of those -- good evening, tim lincecum had one of those shaky evenings, but the giants were able to come back for their ace and then experience late heartbreak. timmy time it was not in the second inning. carlos quinten waiting on a lynn succumb fast ball and crushed it. there is is something out there called the frazee paint can and i think it went in the can. the padres rally. a base hit to the left and he can fly. the giants core three in the frame to tie it at 4. timmy settles down and hedley would leave after six and decision. no decision. terio with his third r.b.i. in comes cr with the kotsay with the throw not close. in the eighth quinten and he is a bad man.
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his second bomb of the night. this off -- this is tied at 5. thitch and second pitch and rookie logan forsythe, his first big league homerun and god walkoff, good night, game over, drive home safely. it ends the giants four-game win streak. watch the lady. don't do it. all texas early. michael young facing blackley. he can't quite get there. bell tray scores. it was a 5-0 rang rangers lead. he gets a fast ball up and he knows what to do with it. like the giants, the a's stage a come back. the long ball and serious wrist strength and that was out to make it 5-3. the a's get no closer 6-3 the ra go if you go back five years, he was gm of the war dwrers and he was this close to a deal.
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it didn't happen, but when you watch kevin garnet you can see the grit and the desig grit and he wanted. game five and chris bosh and he did play despite the strain of an abdominal muscle.. the second quarter and lebron and heat by 13. to the third and kg and with authority. exerting his will in the second half. lass andf the glass and a 9-0 run. heat by six. wade and rondo and oh what a tip. he buries the three. he had 26 and boston up one. and paul pierce and stone cold three in-law bron's face. 94-90 celtics and they take the lead back to boston. he was hardnosed and tau gnashes as -- tau nay shoes as a player and now he is returning as an assistant
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hoops coach at stanford. those were the days. the mad dog used hissen tinsley tee and desire to -- his intensity to forge a career with the lakers. he had one infamous dance. oh yes, the video that keeps on giving of the -- giving. that's your. sports report. brought to you by river rock casino. i am channeling the madison. >> he is going to call you and ask you to stop. >> it is out there on video. >> it was fun. >> he is not going to win dance contny dance contests jay nor are >> are you. >> are you to get the uncoordination right. >> it is hard to do. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. abc news continuing tomorrow morning at 4:30 with all of
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strike on fahd al quso charged in the bombing of the "uss cole." and now al libi. it will be difficult for al zawahiri to replace al libi with someone as trustworthy especially when zawahiri has got to wonder if he is next. martha raddatz, abc news, washington.
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al libi was the only one killed in that strike. the u.s. has pulled funding for pakistan's version of "sesame street." there were reports of corruption by the local puppet theater working on the project. now the u.s. had provided nearly $7 million of a $20 million budget. sesame street first aired in pakistan late last year and was slated to run for at least three seasons. a little hollywood news. singer sheryl crow has just revealed that she has a brain tumor, but she says she's not worried about it. >> crow said the tumor is benign and she's known about it since november. the 50-year-old singer has a history of forgetting the lyrics to her own songs. she was worried about her memory loss so she had an mri. >> crow is on a national tour and working on a new album. she beat breast cancer back in 2006. we wish her the best. >> tough lady. now to a dazzling display that had people across the globe looking to tky


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